What's cuter than Tokidoki characters Donutella, Mozzarella, Maxx, Salaryman, and friends?  The same Tokidoki characters riding tiny cars!  I mean, can higher levels of kawaii even be achieved?  How about Tokidoki characters riding tiny cars shaped like pieces of sushi?!  😍🍣  Have we achieved cuteness nirvana here?  


Tokidoki Sushi Cars come in blind boxes, which means you won't know which version you've received until you open the box and unwrap the character from its foil package.  You get one character per box.  There are 10 different figurines to collect (check out the photos above to see them all), from a tamago nigiri-riding Donutella to a Latte piloting a gunkan maki. We don't know which character is in which box, either, so we can't pick a specific one for you; also, there is a possibility you'll receive duplicates if you order more than one.  But the mystery is half the fun!  


Because Tokidoki Sushi Cars come in blind boxes, please keep in mind that we don't accept returns or process refunds or exchanges for these.  Check out our return policy for more info.


Last note, FYI: The listed price is for one blind box only.  Feel free to add more, in the spirit of collecting 'em all!


What is Tokidoki?


Tokidoki is an Italian toy maker heavily influenced by Japanese culture and street art, with a distinctly kawaii aesthetic that's right up our alley.  

Tokidoki Sushi Cars blind box

  • Orders ship for a $5 flat fee throughout the United States, and a $15 flat fee throughout Canada.  


    For more options, information, and international shipping, check out our FAQ page

  • We do not accept returns of blind boxed items, nor offer refunds or exchanges for these.  If you order more than one blind box and receive duplicate figurines, consider trading them with your friends or with other collectors -- there are quite a few groups online devoted to trading blind box dupes!


    If you need more information about our policy, check out the FAQ section or send us an email at konnichiwa@tanoshiimiami.com.