Are you in the market for a trusty sidekick?  Look no further!  Araiguma Rasukaru, a.k.a. Rascal Raccoon, is here for all your sidekicking needs!  Need a napping buddy?  He's got your covered.  How about a friend to stargaze with?  Play peek-a-boo with?  Check and check.  


Pick your favorite version of Araiguma below and let us know whether you want a free empty capsule to go along with him.  


Who is Araiguma?


Our rascally raccoon was the main character in Araiguma Rasukaru, a Japanese anime series released in 1977 that was based on a memoir published in 1963 by American writer Sterling North, who recounted his adventures raising a baby raccoon named Rascal.  The show was a huge hit in Japan, and Araiguma is tremendously poular to this day!  


Rascal Raccoon | Araiguma Rasukaru

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