Gudetama can barely muster the energy to hang out, much less dangle, but somehow our favorite eggsistential (ha!) crisis sufferer has been coaxed onto some keychains and finessed into cute plastic pouches for your enjoyment.


Each pouch is sold individually and contains one of five possible Gudetama variations.  Check out the pictures above to see what you might get in yours. 


FYI: These Gude-danglers are made by Japanese company TOMY and, as you probably already know, Gudetama is part of the Sanrio family.


Psst: Part of the fun of blind boxes (or blind pouches, as the case may be) is the not-knowing, the mystery of what you'll end up with, so please be aware that these guys are final sale--we can't accept returns once the pouches have been opened.  

Gudetama Danglers Blind Box

  • These items come blind-boxed: they're sold inside a sealed package, and their contents are a mystery both to us and to you.  That's part of the fun!  But for that reason, we can't accept blind box returns once the package has been opened and the surprise has been spoiled.  


    Check out our full return policy on our FAQ page, and send us an email if you have any questions.

  • Orders ship for a $5 flat fee throughout the United States, and a $15 flat fee throughout Canada.  


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