What is Bananya?


Bananya (ばなにゃ) is a blend of the word banana and the word nya (にゃ), which is "meow" in Japanese!  More importantly, Bananya refers to a very unique and mysterious species of tiny cat that lives inside a banana.  Its namesake, Bananya cat, spends his days dreaming of taking a plunge in a chocolate bath, and hanging out with his banana cat friends.


Our Bananya pens are black ink rollerballs complete with caps and Bananya characters perched on top.  They're lightweight, write really smoothly, and are ridiculously cute.  Choose from the famous Bananya cat, stylish bowtie-rocking Kuro cat, dainty pink-haired Bananya-ko, blue comb-wielding fluffy Kenaga cat, or elder Daddy cat, complete with his newspaper and glasses and Bananya age spots.  Or adopt all five! 


FYI:  Our Bananyas are made in Vietnam and manufactured by Funko in the United States. 

Bananya Pens

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